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Want to save money, and get only 1 monthly phone bill? Looking for a USA phone plan comparable to the consumer friendly rates and features our friends from UK get from their O2 phones subscription? In the USA, there are now also several smaller companies offering local phone service. Just like with regular long distance, these smaller companies purchase phone service time in bulk from the big providers and then resell their purchased minutes to you, the customer, at substantially lower rates, compared to the "big" providers. The reason they can afford that is because they buy such huge quantities of phone time, that they get a substantial discount. Should you be interested in taking advantage of these much lower rates, we recommend you check out the phone companies listed below, who offer combined local and long distance phone service, which should be exactly what you are looking for:

ComFI: Combined Local and Long Distance Phone Service
ComFI is an integrated communications provider marketing a bundle of local and long distance services to residential and small business customers utilizing its proprietary real-time online billing.

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