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Is unlimited long distance phone service right for you? If you are a residential phone user and always have a very high phone bill, you might want to consider signing up for unlimited long distance phone service. But, before you decide to do so, I highly recommend you use our BottomLine Best Rate calculator to find out what the cheapest rates for your needs truely would be. If the calculator tells you that you will still spend a large amount of money each month on long distance, we highly recommend you check out one of the unlimited long distance phone service providers listed below, as you will probably be able to save some additional money. Of course, you will also be able to sign up for bundled local and long distance service, which also comes as an unlimited plan. For more information about these options, visit our featured unlimited long distance retailers listed below.

ComFI: Unlimited Local & Long Distance Phone Service from only $49.95
ComFI since 1998 in an effort to help the immigrants in the United States, to call their relatives back home, is an integrated communications provider marketing a bundle of local and long distance services to residential and small business customers utilizing its proprietary "real-time" online billing and customer service platform. ComFI provides a complete communications package that combines basic local and long distance calling with popular and unique features. The services are based on the efficiency of its low-cost, nationwide network and the effectiveness of its systems that interface electronically.

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