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Do you go online using high speed internet service? If you do, you can use your high speed internet access to start making very cheap phone calls. All you have to do is to sign up for VoIP, also called Voice over IP service. The way this VoIP works is that you plug your phone into your high speed internet modem using a special adapter. Then, the analog signals that you hear when using the phone will be transferred into digital signals, which can now be transmitted using the internet. This then basically means for you that you will no longer have to pay your long distance company when placing your phone calls using VoIP. The only thing you will have to pay for is your VoIP provider subscription. For more information about VoIP, and to start saving on your phone calls, visit one of our recommended internet VoIP retailers listed below:

ComFI 2.4 /minute Broadband Phone Services
Get unlimited local and long distance broadband phone service with residential plans as low as $19.95/month and business plan starting from $34.95.

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